Treat Stretch Marks with Jojoba Oil

Treat Stretch Marks with Jojoba Oil

For centuries Native Americans living in Southeast regions of America have been using this mystery plant called the Jojoba plant. They extract an incredible oil from seeds of this plant. This oil has numerous qualities especially pertaining to the treatment of skin disorders.

  • It is light in consistency.
  • It suits all skin types e.g. oily, dry, combination etc.
  • It does not irritate eyes.
  • It cleanses skin of dirt and debris.
  • It keeps oil production of skin in check.
  • It is a natural emollient.These properties make it extremely effective for the treatment of stretch marks and acne scars. For these reasons, it is used in a lot of cosmetics and skin care products.

Characteristics of Jojoba Oil

Treat Stretch Marks and Acne Scars with Jojoba OilThe word oil in ‘Jojoba oil’ is in fact a misnomer. Research shows that it is not essentially an oil, rather it is a golden colored wax obtained from the Jojoba plant. It is very different from vegetable oils with regards to its constituents. This wax contains many fatty esters and fatty acids. It is used vastly as an ointment for many skin conditions like sunburn, psoriasis, arthritis, eczema, wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars etc.

Acne Scars Treatment with Jojoba Oil

Acne is produced by excessive secretion of sebum which clogs skin pores leading to the formation of pimples. Jojoba oil heals skin naturally by keeping it hydrated and nourished and maintains the natural pH levels of the skin. It keeps the sebum production in control. In addition, its light consistency makes it an excellent agent for the treatment of scars caused by the acne.

Stretch Marks Treatment with Jojoba Oil

Treat Stretch Marks and Acne Scars with Jojoba OilStretch-marks are mostly seen in pregnant ladies but it effects women and men alike especially after abrupt weight gain or weight loss. Jojoba oil efficiently lightens these stretchmarks by keeping the skin moisturized.

How to Utilize Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil can be used alone or it can be mixed with certain skin lotions and creams. When using it with other ingredients, it is better to use it with organic components. Addition of proper essential oils like tea tree oil, rose oil, geranium oil and lavender oil etc. can amplify its benefits.

Apply it over your face and hands or other affected areas of body either directly with the palms of your hands or with the help of cotton balls. When using cotton balls, soak up a few drops of the Jojoba oil on it, and dab skin gently with the soaked cotton ball. This simple and easy trick will leave your skin flawless and smooth.


Although jojoba oil has a very light texture and adsorbs onto the skin very fast compared to heavy and greasy oils still caution must be exercised in its usage.

If you suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin, beware of using the Jojoba oil. Additionally, never use it on the chapped skin as in the case of wound or dermatitis. It should always be used externally on the intact skin. The best way is to use it over mildly scarred skin affected by the stretch marks or the acne scars. In more severe cases, consult a dermatologist before using it.

Supplements & Stretch Marks?

Role of Supplements in Treating Stretch Marks

According to a number of researches, stretchmarks are formed when the skin is stretched excessively, beyond its normal elastic limit. This excessive stretching can be due to a number of causes, for example intense work out, a growth spurt or rapid weight gain. Both men and women can be affected by the stretch marks, but women suffer from them the most due to rapid weight gain and changes in their body which occur during pregnancy. The parts of body mostly affected by stretch marks are abdomen, buttocks, arms, thighs and breasts etc.

Supplements like vitamin A, C, E and zinc etc. play crucial role in reducing the stretch marks and other scar marks. Let us take a look at how different supplements influences stretch marks.

Role of Supplements in Treating Stretch MarksVitamin A

Vitamin A is incredible for treating the stretch marks. It rejuvenates the skin by improving growth of collagen in the skin. Collagen makes up the basic structure of skin keeping it strengthened and soft.

You can take Vitamin A orally in the form of tablets or use it in the form of an ointment massaging it directly to you stretch marks. Foods like carrots, red bell peppers, mango and sweet potatoes etc. are abundant in vitamin A.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a vital role in restoring damaged collagen and keeping skin healthy. It can heal scar tissue, damaged skin and wounds. It is found abundantly in citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, limes etc. So, add citrus fruits to your diet to ensure your daily intake of Vitamin C. Also, It can be applied topically or taken orally.

Vitamin E

Role of Supplements in Treating Stretch MarksVitamin E is plays an essential role in reducing stretch marks and other types of scar tissues. Vitamin E is an antioxidants which helps in getting rid of all toxins and improves skin condition. It refreshes the skin giving it a nice glow.

Vitamin E can accumulate in the epidermis and prevent evaporation of moisture from skin, which helps to keep the skin hydrated and healthy. It can be used for both treating and preventing stretchmarks. Vitamin E oil is commonly applied topically. Vitamin can also be consumed orally in the form of tablets. To obtain vitamin E from food naturally, eat lots of broccoli, blueberries, papayas, olives, seeds, nuts, collard greens and avocados.


As stated earlier collagen is a basic building block of skin and zinc plays an important role in the production of collagen . Zinc can be ingested orally in the form of capsule.

Omega 3’s

Omega 3’s are fatty acids which keep the cell membrane of the skin cells wholesome. They lighten stretch marks and give our skin a radiant glow. Sea foods like fish, fish oil and oysters are rich in omega 3’s. Also walnuts and eggs contain omega 3’s. Omega 3’s can also be ingested orally.

Studies have shown that collagen cannot be acquired from food directly. So it is essential to take all necessary supplements like zinc, vitamin A, C, E etc. required for the production of collagen, regularly.


Always consult a doctor before you take any supplements for your stretch marks or other scar marks.

Myths about Stretch Marks

Myths about Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are in fact skin tears which are formed when our skin is stretched beyond its normal limit due to factors like pregnancy, weight gain, hormonal changes, drugs etc. This is a worldwide problem faced by many men and women. Stretch marks deface our appearance and for this reason they cause anxiety and depression in billions of people who suffer from such marks. People spend their fortune on useless and overpriced treatments for these marks. In spite of common occurrence, there are several misconceptions related to the stretch marks. Listed below are some of the most frequent myths regarding stretchmarks and expert’s insight about them.

Myths about Stretch MarksMyth No. 1: Only women suffer from the stretch marks

Fact: Both women and men can develop stretch marks. Women mostly suffer from them because of the association of stretch marks with pregnancy. But men can also suffer from such marks because of growth spurts or workouts for building muscles.

Myth No. 2: Stretchmarks form on the abdomen only

Fact: Wrong! Our legs, arms, breast, hips etc. can develop these marks as well. So don’t worry if you find one of these on your arms or legs. Any part of your body that can develop over-stretching of the skin is prone to the formation of stretch marks.

Myth No. 3: Skinny people do not get stretch marks

Fact: Although obese people get stretch marks more commonly but slim people are not entirely risk-free. This is because a number of factors play role in the development of these marks, for example, hormone levels and genetics. So if your mum has stretch marks, you are at risk as well.

Myths about Stretch MarksMyth No.4: Stretch marks are totally unavoidable

Fact: When genetics come into play, the stretch marks are virtually unpreventable. However, a well-organized regime can be formulated to maintain the vitality of skin.

The most important thing is to keep the skin hydrated by moisturizing it on a regular basis. This will keep its elasticity intact, therefore preventing tears in the skin when it over-stretches. Secondly, keep your skin nourished by using products which contain gotu kola, vitamin E, cocoa butter etc.

Finally, prevent undue increase in weight or sudden fluctuations in weight by exercising regularly and maintaining a well-balanced diet. Adopting a healthy and fit lifestyle is a perfect way for keeping your skin supple and flawless.

Myth No. 5: There is no treatment for stretch marks

Fact: The truth is that you can treat stretch marks and manage them well with the help of an expert like a dermatologist. The dermatologist will advise you topical treatments like retinoid and alpha-hydroxy acid cream. Natural sources of alpha-hydoxy acids are sugar and milk. Their mechanism of action is the gentle exfoliation of the top-most skin layer. This will remove all of the dead skin and expose the new skin free from scars and stretch marks. Retinoid can be obtained from the vitamin A. It acts by exfoliating the skin and stimulating the production of collagen. This will make your skin healthy and more resistant to any kind of damage.

There are also a number of procedure which can be used to reduce the stretch marks. These procedures include laser therapy and microdermabrasion.

Methods for Hiding Stretch Marks

Methods for Hiding Your Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are purplish, brown or reddish colored lines that are hideous to look at. Although they gradually fade into whitish or silvery streaks they still deface your appearance. These marks are formed due to excessive skin stretching because of sudden weight gain or weight loss, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance or growth spurts. Stretch marks are permanent marks on your body and these unsightly marks stay forever once formed. But you can try simple tricks like self-tanner and concealer to disguise them instead of going for expensive options like laser therapy and plastic surgery.


Methods for Hiding Your Stretch MarksStep # 1

Find a shade of concealer which matches your normal skin tone. Do not go for a very light  shade of concealer that will not hide anything but rather make things worse. Choose a concealer that is heavy so that it does not slide down.

Step # 2

Pick a small make up brush and dab it on the concealer. Pat it over the stretch marks using light and gentle strokes. Apply lighter layer of the concealer for the best results.

Step # 3

Here is a beauty hack! To set the makeup in situ, disperse a jot of translucent powder over it.

Step # 4

Use a pearly cream. Apply a tinge of cream on the stretch marks. This cream will reflect light making these marks less noticeable.


Step # 1

Take a wash cloth and dip it in some warm water. Massage your skin in small and circular motions with this wet washcloth. This will help exfoliate the skin so that self-tanner is absorbed more easily and effectively. Pat yourself dry with a cotton towel.

Step # 2

Methods for Hiding Your Stretch MarksSelect a good self-tanner. Now take some self-tanner in your palm and apply in on your torso, thighs, legs, arms and massage it well in circular motion. Make sure you apply it all over the area and not just over the stretch marks. If you just apply the self-tanner over the stretchmarks, then it will make them even more noticeable.

Step # 3

As you apply the self-tanner continue lightly from the ankles to the feet and from the wrist to the hands. This trick will give a more natural look to your tan.

Step # 4

If your stretchmarks are visible even when your self-tanner has dried, then apply a bit more of it. This can happen when your stretchmarks are whiter in color. Take a cotton ball and dunk it in the self-tanner. Now use this cotton ball to dab each stretch mark individually to get a more perfect look.

Step # 5

Take the damp washcloth once more to softly rub your ankles, knees and elbow. These are the areas which absorb the most color compared to other body parts.

Step # 6

Wait for a minimum of ten minutes to let the self-tanner dry, before you get dressed. And abstain from any strenuous exercise or physical activity, sweating etc. for at least 3 hours after artificial tanning.


Despite exaggerated claims made by lush beauty products, containing fancy ingredients like Aloe vera and shea butter, studies have shown that they are not as effective as they claim.

Which Foods can Prevent Stretch Marks?

Which Foods can Prevent Stretch Marks?

Sudden weight gain and pregnancy can lead to the formation of stretch marks. Other causes of the stretch marks include syndromes like Cushing’s syndrome or Marfan syndrome. The basic mechanism which leads to the formation of such marks is over-stretching of the skin. Since stretch marks are permanent, the best way to deal with them is to not let them form on your skin at all. Here are a number of ways to prevent the formation of stretchmark on your skin.

Which Foods can Prevent the Stretch Marks?Drink Lots of Water

Make sure you drink adequate amount of water to maintain softness and vitality of your skin. This will prevent stretch marks from scarring your skin. Drinking water is not the same as drinking caffeinated beverages. In fact, caffeinated beverages like coffee, soda or tea etc. dry out your skin and make it more susceptible to stretch marks. So, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water to keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

Keep a Balanced Diet

To keep your skin healthy and radiant, eat a variety of food items in order to make sure that you are getting all nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D, Omega 3’s, zinc, proteins etc.

  • Protein can be obtained from the foods like eggs and meat.
  • Eat the food like nuts, seeds, fish etc. to add zinc to your diet.
  • For vitamin A, eat carrots, mango, sweet potatoes and red pepper etc.
  • Consume limes, oranges and lemons etc. to get vitamin C.
  • Eat lots of broccoli, blueberries, papayas, olives, seeds, nuts, collard greens and avocados for vitamin E.
  • Sea foods like fish and oysters are rich in omega 3’s.

Remember that a well-balanced diet is essential for a perfect skin. So do not forget to eat the above mentioned food items.

Which Foods can Prevent the Stretch Marks?Watch Your Weight

Rapid weight gain is a major cause for the formation of stretch marks. Sudden weight loss has the same effect. Therefore you should keep a healthy weight to prevent this from happening. Plan a balanced diet which contains food from all food groups like cereals, lean meats, fruits, vegetables and dairy. You can also consult a dietician to plan your diet. Exercise regularly to maintain your weight. When you are pregnant, exercise is essential to make sure you do not gain weight abruptly.

Ways to Cure

Commercial market offers a number of products which claim to remove the stretch marks from the skin completely. But these products are very expensive and their claims are misleading mostly. If you do go for such products, prefer the ones which contain glycolic acid, vitamin E or cocoa butter. A better alternative is to use home remedies because they are natural, cheaper and more effective. Here are a few examples of such home remedies.

  • Massage castor oil or coconut oil over the affected skin.
  • Olive oil is also effective for lightening the stretch marks.
  • Egg white is rich in protein which makes it potent for decreasing the stretch marks.
  • Use seaweed wrap over your stretch marks to lessen them.
  • Fruits acids are also very efficacious for these marks.