Stretch Mark Prevention Creams – Do they even work? | SkinOverhaul

Wrinkles can be scary, and almost everyone will have to face the prospect at some point in their life. However, scars caused by skin stretching can be much more troublesome, especially that caused by pregnancy. Thankfully, stretch marks are not incurable, and creams have been produced designed to target the causes of skin scarring. Follow our science-based approach as we outline what happens to your skin when you develop stretch marks, how they can be prevented, and why you should.

Stretch Mark Prevention Creams - Do they even work? | SkinOverhaulTo understand why you need to make use of stretch mark prevention creams, you must first understand how stretch marks occur in the first place. By closely examining the structure of your skin, you will see why stretch scarring occurs, and how it can be easily prevented.

Your skin is made up of a number of layers. The topmost is the epidermal layer, with the thicker dermis just below it. The epidermis is extremely thin, and is constantly growing new skin cells and shedding off old layers. Any damage to the epidermis, like a light scratch, will quickly and naturally be repaired by this process. Underneath is the dermis, where sweat is produced, hair is grown, and blood is brought to the skin.

Skin in general is pretty stretchy, as it has a protein called elastin. Just as it sounds, it is a stretchy protein that allows skin to “bounce back” like an elastic band. Another protein present is collagen, which provides robust scaffolding that gives the skin its structural integrity. When damage extends to the dermal layer of the skin and there is not enough elastin or collagen for the skin to regain its former shape it is repaired with generic “fix-it” cells that leave behind a scar.

Stretch Mark Prevention Creams - Do they even work? | SkinOverhaulStretch mark prevention creams are designed to increase the production of elastin and collagen, allowing the skin to grow back into its natural smooth shape. These creams are designed to bring these vital proteins straight to the dermal layer, so that they can instantly start working on repairing any skin damage.

After a period of time regularly using these creams, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will find your stretch marks fading away until they eventually disappear. Over 90% of women develop permanent stretch marks if nothing is done to prevent them during a stretching period. This is a particular risk when pregnant, when it is vital to start treating the skin as soon as possible to prevent long-term marks. This is why over 60% of stretch mark prevention creams have been tailor-made for pregnant women.

Thousands of stretch mark prevention creams have been created, and it might feel bewildering and intimidating to choose one from so many options. Thankfully, there have been people trying these creams out, figuring out which work in decreasing stretch marks and which are bogus. What remains is an easily accessible selection of tried and tested creams, supported by reviews and ratings, allowing you to narrow down your search for the perfect cream.