This is a review of Stretch Mark And Scar Cream manufactured by the Delfogo Rx Company. The corporation boasts its product is completely manufactured and shipped inside the U.S.A. They also take great pleasure in letting their customers know all of their products are specially formulated by one man, Scientist and chemist Irwin Grams use cutting edge technology, science and ingredients.




  • Vanistryl – diminishes stiffness in the skin and encourages rejuvenation
  • Eyeliss – Rejuvenates and shields the skin while promoting keratinocyte development and fibroblast adhesion to help wounds heal faster
  • Essenskin – synthetic ingredient from the Sederma company fortifies and restructures the thin and fragile skin with amino acids
  • Syn-Coll – synthetic wrinkle reducer built on a small peptide
  • Pure Hyaluronic Acid – Skin rejuvenator commonly referred to as Restylane, it is produced naturally in the human body that helps the skin absorb nutrients
  • Organic Marrubium extract – anti-septic skin soother for irritated skin


The Delfogo Rx website does not include information on how to use or apply their product. Although it is assumed, the application process would be somewhat like similar products, spreading the cream liberally to affected are, but please be sure to thoroughly read all instructions included with purchase of the product.

Possible Side Effects

The site does not mention any potential adverse side effects. The company insists on the quality of their ingredients in their formulas, however with the high number of synthetics they use there is always a chance sensitive skin sufferers could experience irritation. If that would happen, seek advice from your physician immediately.


$79.95 for single one time purchase or you can sign up for a 33% savings with their automatic replenishment program for $52.95. They automatically ship you a new bottle every 30 days to save you the hassle of having to remember to re-order. You can cancel the membership at any time so even if you only want to make a one-time purchase it would almost be worth it to sign up just to receive the discount on your purchase.


The guarantee the Delfogo Rx Company offers is a smidgen different from others we have come across. The company puts great emphasis upon the pride they take offering customers personalized skincare consultation. In doing so, if you are dissatisfied with the product for whatever reason, they encourage you to contact them immediately for a consultation to discuss your questions and concerns. While they don’t offer an immediate refund, they do offer to send you the proper replacement product to tackle your specific skincare need. One thing we did find concerning is the fact that for such a seemingly high-end product, there are no customer reviews or testimonials, leads one to wonder what they may be trying to hide.


In general Stretch Mark and Scar Cream from the Delfogo Rx Company offers a seemingly quality product with radically progressive ingredients, putting themselves at the forefront of the market. In contrast its high price tag, unwillingness to present immediate refunds for disappointment with their product and consumer evaluations nowhere to be found could leave you bursting with hesitation to try this product.

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