Is Micro Needling Safe Enough To Use On Stretch Marks? | SkinOverhaul

Once you have developed stretch marks, you might despair about whether you will ever get rid of them again. While it is true that they will fade gradually, this process can take many years, and the scars may not completely fade. However, there are solutions to this problem, and when you examine how your skin works and how stretch marks are formed you will see that not all is lost. One such solution is known as micro-needling or derma-rolling. Read on to learn more about this.

Is Micro Needling Safe Enough To Use On Stretch Marks? | SkinOverhaulTo understand why you need to make use of micro-needling, you must first understand how stretch marks occur in the first place. By closely examining the structure of your skin, you will see why stretch scarring occurs, and how it can be easily treated.  Your skin is made up of a number of layers. The topmost is the epidermal layer, with the thicker dermis just below it. Skin has a protein called collagen, which provides robust scaffolding that gives the skin its strength. When damage extends to the dermal layer of the skin and there is not enough collagen for the skin to regain its former shape it is repaired with generic cells that leave behind a scar.

Micro-needling makes use of the natural production of collagen in the skin to encourage stretch marks to heal faster. They do this with a small, round roller that contains dozens of tiny needles.

Is Micro Needling Safe Enough To Use On Stretch Marks? | SkinOverhaulWhen gently rolled across the skin, these needles create tiny perforations to the dermal layer. Your skin reacts by producing more collagen to cure the damage, which extends to heal the scarred area at an accelerated rate. After a period of time regularly using this roller, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, you will find your stretch marks fading away until they eventually disappear.

There are huge advantages to micro-needling; you can encourage your stretch marks to disappear much faster than normal, and it is a pain-free and cheap procedure. However, you must be careful as micro-needling can be more complicated than alternative stretch mark cures. As with any needle, there is the potential for them to cause infections when mishandled. They are especially risky when using dirty needles, so always make sure to thoroughly disinfect your roller before and after each use. The needles can obviously cause great discomfort to sensitive areas of the body, so keep the roller far away from your face, armpits, groin and nipples.

Unfortunately, like all stretch mark treatments there is never a 100% guarantee that micro-needling will completely get rid of your stretch marks. The roller effectively stimulates the skin to create more healing proteins, but is most effective when used in combination with other stretch mark treatments, such as creams. When used safely and carefully, they can speed up the healing of scar tissue and decrease visible striae. If you are worried about any other skin conditions that you experience, be sure to consult your doctor, as using the roller may cause further harmful effects.