Does Exercise Make Stretch Marks Go Away?

Exercise is great for your overall well-being including having healthy skin. While exercise has many benefits, it can not eliminate stretch marks. This is because stretch marks are actually scar tissue. The size of stretch marks can take up a lot of skin. Even though most people develop stretch marks in problem areas like thighs, stomach, hips and arms, exercise in these areas will not reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, stretch marks may be treated through other means.

Does Exercise Make Stretch Marks Go Away? | LIVESTRONG.COMStretch marks are caused when the skin is forced to expand or shrink very quickly such as when someone undergoes rapid weight loss or weight gain during pregnancy or from body building. While skin can stretch to a certain point, sometimes these changes can occur so quickly that the skin is not able to grow as quickly as your body. When the skin is not able to grow as quickly as you do, this may lead to tearing damage in the second layer of skin and can lead to scar tissue developing in the area.

Despite exercise being an important part of a healthy lifestyle, it is not recommended as a course of treatment for reducing the appearance of stretch marks or for their removal. Exercise may help you change or reduce your body size and it may be used to slow changes body composition so that stretch marks are not so bad but it will not have an affect on stretch marks that currently exist on the body.

The best thing to do for stretch marks is to know what causes them so that you can prevent them when necessary. There are many factors that go into whether or not you will develop stretch marks but keeping your body healthy and hydrated is the best way to prevent many health and cosmetic problems in the body.

Does Exercise Make Stretch Marks Go Away? | LIVESTRONG.COMDrinking plenty of water both encourages the movement of minerals and vitamins in the body and helps keep your skin hydrated which helps it to keep its elastic properties. Using lotions or creams to provide daily moisture to the skin is another excellent way to keep your skin healthy. Exercise may help you maintain your current body shape and maintenance will prevent any of the serious changes that can often lead to the development of stretch marks on the body. Even though exercise does not act as a treatment for stretch marks, exercise is an important part of a healthy life style. However, it should be noted that exercise may contribute to new stretch marks depending on your body type, the frequency in which you exercise and your exercise goals.

People who are undergoing training for body building competitions often suffer from stretch marks all over their body especially if they train very intensely and grow their muscles very quickly. Similarly, people who are quite small who begin to train intensely and grow a lot of muscle very quickly may also find that they have stretch marks on their body. Crash dieting may have an affect on stretch marks and make them worse. If you are seeing a large amount of these bright red marks on your body, you may consider letting up on serious dietary restrictions as well as reducing the amount of exercise so that the body has time to adjust to its new shape.