This is a review of the Gaia Pure Pregnancy Belly Butter. The manufacturer suggests that this product helps to maintain skin elasticity and works to prevent the formation of stretchmarks during pregnancy. The product contains a wide range of certified organic ingredients meant to keep skin supple so stretch marks cannot form. Keep reading to find out more about whether this treatment is the right one for you.




  • Organic Wheat Germ Oil
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Organic Rosehip Oil
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
  • Aqua
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Glyceryl stearate
  • Sodium stearate
  • Glycerin
  • Penoxyethanol
  • Caprylyl glycol
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Organic Mandarin oil
  • Organic Tangerine oil
  • Organic Frankincense oil
  • Organic Spearmint oil

All ingredients listed as organic are labeled as certified organic, so the quality is guaranteed. Most are known to be safe and non-irritating, though cetearyl alcohol has been known to cause irritation in certain individuals. However, it’s inclusion is important in maintaining product sterility.


The manufacturer recommends applying this product to the stomach and other affected areas twice daily throughout the pregnancy, and for up to 12 weeks after birth. An application amount is not specified.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side effects are listed, and the product is safe for use during pregnancy. The inclusion of natural, organic ingredients makes the risk of irritation very minimal, though the inclusion of cetearyl alcohol does mean there is a small risk of irritation.


This product cost $25.14 for a 150 ml supply. The price makes this product more expensive than many other stretch mark creams, but this is quite possibly due to the manufacturer’s inclusion of certified organic ingredients.


The Gaia Belly Butter does not come with any sort of product guarantee. The company also does not permit returns unless the item received by the customer was incorrect, and even then the return costs for shipping must be covered by the consumer. The product website does not contain any reviews, and the customer feedback on third-party sites is minimal and mixed. Some customers loved the product and stated it was very effective and moisturizing, while others stated they did not see any results. The lack of a guarantee and limited positive feedback is cause to doubt the effectiveness of the product.


The Gaia Belly Butter does contain a wide variety of certified organic ingredients, providing assurance that the product is safe and natural. Several customers have provided feedback stating they were satisfied with the effectiveness of the product, and that it provided adequate moisture and helped prevent the formation of stretch marks. Other reviews were not as positive, stating that there were no results from using the product. The manufacturer does not offer any sort of product guarantee, and does not allow for returns if the product is ineffective. The product is also substantially more expensive than other stretch mark creams on the market, making it seem like a less than ideal option when searching for a stretch mark cream.

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