This is a review of the Ageless Herbal Stretch Mark Gel. The manufacturer suggests that this product helps to maintain skin elasticity and works to prevent the formation of stretchmarks during pregnancy. The product was inspired by a highly successful plant-based treatment previously developed by doctors. Keep reading to find out more about whether this treatment is the right one for you.




Butcher’s broom
Green tea
Lady’s mantle

The ingredients work to prevent stretch marks through a variety of means, including increasing circulation, healing, soothing, increasing skin thickness, promoting collagen production, and working as anti-oxidants.


The manufacturer recommends applying this product to any impacted areas two times per day. The amount to be used is not specified, though they do not that a large amount of product is not required for maximum effectiveness. For best results, it is recommended that you also include a daily vitamin C supplement while using this product.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side effects are listed, and the product is cited as having clinically-demonstrated success. The inclusion of natural ingredients makes the risk of irritation very minimal.


This product cost $25.14 for a 150 ml supply. The price makes this product more expensive than many other stretch mark creams, but this is quite possibly due to the manufacturer’s inclusion of certified organic ingredients.


The Ageless Herbal Stretch Mark Gel does not come with any sort of product guarantee. There is also no information included on the site about product returns, which suggests that once the product is purchased there is no option for a refund.

The product site does include two testimonials regarding the effectiveness of the product. One review stated the product worked well at preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, and was supposedly written by a doctor. The other is from a reviewer stating they had great success using the product to fade stretch marks from weight loss. However, both reviews are included in the website text, and there is no option on the site for others who have purchased the product to leave reviews, which does call in to question the validity of this feedback. Reviews from other sources were not available.


The Ageless Herbal Stretch Mark Gel does contain a wide variety of natural ingredients, providing assurance that the product should be safe for general use. Assuming the reviews on the site are genuine, customers have been satisfied by the effectiveness of the product, stating it provided adequate moisture and helped fade their stretch marks. However, demonstrably unbiased reviews were lacking. The manufacturer does not offer any sort of product guarantee, and there does not seem to be any option to return the product if it is not effective. The product is also substantially more expensive than other stretch mark treatments on the market, making it seem like a less than ideal option when searching for a stretch mark cream.

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