This is a review of the Baby and Eve Mummy Tummy balm. This product is intended to keep skin moisturized and supple throughout pregnancy, helping to prevent stretch marks. It is specially formulated to be risk-free while for use during all three trimesters, and contains a variety of natural ingredients. Keep reading to learn more about whether this treatment is the right one for you.




Shea butter (butyrospermum parkii)
Cocoa butter (theobroma cacoa)
Immortelle oil (helichrysum italicum)
Coconut oil (cocos nucifera)
Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinesis)
Avocado oil (persea gratissima)
Olive oil (olea europaea)
Lavender oil (lavandula vera)
Q10 (ubiquinone)
Mandarin oil (citrus nobilis)

Immortelle oil is considered to be an especially healing ingredient. Almost all the ingredients listed are certified organic as well, and the product is guaranteed not to include harmful substances such as GMO’s or petrochemicals. It is also not the product of animal testing, which may be important to some individuals. The included plant oils are known to have moisturizing and soothing properties.


This product should be applied at least once per day, or more frequently if desired. The manufacturer does recommend apply more product at once, as opposed to more frequent applications.  This is intended to maximize the absorption of the product.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side effects are listed, and the product is safe for use during pregnancy. The inclusion of natural, organic ingredients makes the risk of irritation very minimal, though citrus and coconut oils have been known to cause irritation for a small percentage of individuals.


This product cost $29.95 for a 4.05 ounce supply. The price makes this product more expensive than many other stretch mark creams, but this is quite possibly due to the manufacturer’s inclusion of certified organic ingredients and the exclusion of preservatives and other harmful chemicals.


The Baby & Eve Mummy Tummy balm does not come with any sort of product guarantee. The company also does not provide any information on returns. The product website does not contain any reviews, and customer feedback was unavailable on third-party sites as well. This is a potential concern – the lack of a guarantee and limited positive feedback is cause to doubt the effectiveness of the product.


The Baby & Eve Mummy Tummy balm does contain a wide variety of certified organic ingredients, providing assurance that the product is safe and natural. It also safe for use during all stages of pregnancy, and does not include any harmful chemicals. The manufacturer does not offer any sort of product guarantee, and no return policy was available to review, leaving little protection for the customer if the product turns out to be ineffective. The product is also substantially more expensive than other stretch mark creams on the market, making it seem like a less than ideal option when searching for a stretch mark cream.

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