This is a product review of Skin Lightening Stretch Mark Repair manufactured and sold by the Dr. Thrower’s Company. Dedicating himself to Ethnic Dermatology, Dr. Angelo P. Thrower founded this company (Formerly known as Heritage Skin Care) to meet the skincare needs of all of his clients. The Company claims their dietary supplement both lightens your skin tone and repairs stretch marks. Keep reading to find out if Skin Lightening Stretch Mark Repair is the product to fit your needs.




Per 2 capsules

  • 25 mg Vitamin B5 – also known as Pantothenic Acid, is a water soluble vitamin that helps keep skin and hair healthy, as well as slows down pre- mature signs of aging
  • 2 mg Calcium – Plays a role in skin growth and regeneration, and helps retain the skins natural moisture
  • 500 mg L- Glutathione Reduced – protein rich amino acid that occurs biologically in the human body, it helps the body produce more of it naturally to help in protecting the skin


Skin Lightening Stretch Mark Repair is a dietary supplement in pill form. The website instructs you to ingest four capsules a day. They suggest you take them with food to ease stomach discomfort and to take two in the A.M. and two in the P.M. They also note you should take the capsules four to six months before you expect to see results. The website also suggests you use them in conjunction with their skincare creams to produce optimum results.

Possible Side Effects

There were not any side effects listed on the Dr. Throwers website, though after doing some research we discovered asthma sufferers might want to consult their physicians before consuming this product as it may trigger or worsen your symptoms.


$87.77 plus shipping and handling fees if ordered through the website. You will receive 120 capsules, which is a 30-day supply. If you are going to try the full 6 months before gaging results, or plan on continual use after that period, it will be extremely expensive. It mentions on the site that this product was formerly obtainable at Walmart, Walgreens, K-Mart, and other retailers, but makes no mention if it is currently available for purchase at these retail stores. There were only five customer reviews on the site, all five were positive. Yet the way they are worded seems almost forced and fake.


Dr. Throwers entire website makes no indication that they offer any kind of guarantee, and does not even specify that they would offer a refund if you are dissatisfied or even how to go about contacting them to request one. The only contact information they provide is specifically to discuss and consult about which Dr. Throwers product is right for you, or to make an office appointment with Dr. Thrower himself in Florida. We find this strange and a bit unsettling.


Overall, the ease and convenience of taking pills instead of the hassle of using a messy cream make Dr. Throwers Skin Lightening Stretch Mark Repair an enticing choice. On the other hand, when you factor together things like; not having a refund policy, sketchy customer reviews , having to use in conjunction with other products and no supporting information on how the ingredients in the product actually help lighten skin tone and reduce stretch marks may leave you feeling reminiscent of a snake oil salesman.

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