This is a review of Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention and Treatment Oil manufactured by the SheaTerra Organics Company. The company vows to deliver a skin penetrating oil that helps visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks while improving the skins natural elasticity. Continue reading to discover if this is the stretch mark treatment product for you.





  • Shea oil
  • carrot seed oil – skin protectant, natural UV protection
  • pumpkin seed – emollient and skin conditioner
  • baobab oil – improves elasticity of the skin
  • tsamma melon oil- antioxidant skin cell rejuvenator
  • marula oil- high amounts of vitamin C, used as a skin protectant
  • lemon oil – fragrance
  • lavender oil – anti- inflammatory fragrance, useful in stretch mark prevention
  • calendula, Egyptian chamomile – skin irritant soother
  • kigelli – introduces natural oils back into the skin
  • African potato – skin protectant and skin tone correction
  • blue mountain sage essential oil- antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory


The SheaTerra website simply advises you to liberally apply the oil to affected area daily. This leaves us to wonder if one application per day would be sufficient to obtain results. The company also suggests combined use with one of their exfoliating products beforehand to achieve maximum results.

Possible Side Effects

The company’s website is extremely dysfunctional and unhelpful. It fails to direct you to posted links and sections of their site, often bringing up error messages. With this said, we were unable to find any listed side effects with use of this product. Nevertheless, we recommend testing a patch of skin before all over application to ensure you have no allergic reaction or sensitivity to the product.


Suggested retail price for this product is $24.00 for 8oz, which seems to be a reasonable price for the amount and its listed natural ingredients. The product is available for purchase on its website and says it uses spas and retail drugstore as distributors; however, they fail to mention any specific spa or retailer where their product is available.


The SheaTerra website claims they strive for customer satisfaction, however they do not offer a monetary refund, They instead offer a product exchange of equal or lesser value within ten days of receiving your order. We feel ten days is hardly enough time to decide if you are satisfied with the product. Subsequently, if you are unhappy with the performance of the product, it is highly unlikely you would want to exchange it for another product of similar performance. The website does include a supposed celebrity endorsement, as well as a handful of seemingly satisfied customer reviews. However, actual celebrity endorsement and all rave reviews often leave us questioning their validity/


In general, the SheaTerra product Mama’s Gold Stretch Mark Prevention and Treatment Oil appears at first glance to be an effective product. However, this dysfunctional website left us with more questions than answers. Its reasonable price and once a day application present it to be a good choice. On the other hand, its unclear availability, laughable exchange policy and questionable endorsements may leave you questioning the products overall validity.

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