This is a review of the Mothercare It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream. This cream contains sweet almond oil and shea butter, and was designed by the manufacturer to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. The manufacturer claims that consistent use will help to keep skin supple and soft during pregnancy by improving skin elasticity. Read on to learn about the formulation and whether this is the right product to help you maintain a smooth stomach during pregnancy.


This product contains:

Sweet Almond Oil

Shea Butter

Cocoa Seed Butter

Jojoba Seed Oil


Glyceryl Stearate

PEG-100 Stearate



Polysorbate 60

Cetearyl Alcohol


Cetyl Alcohol


C13-14 Isoparaffin



Disodium EDTA

Sodium Hydroxide Phenoxyethanol





Please note that while the main ingredients are known to be moisturizing, this product does contain fragrance, along with cetearyl and cetyl alcohol. These ingredients have been known to cause irritation in certain individuals.


The manufacturer recommends applying this product twice daily for maximum effectiveness. After researching the dosage, we were unable to find a recommended amount of product to use during each application.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects are listed, and the product is advertised as dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, and safe for sensitive skin.


This product is £4.99 on the manufacturer website. This price is for 200 ml, and is less expensive than many other stretch mark creams. The low price is cause to question the effectiveness of the product.


The manufacturer does not offer any guarantee for the product, which may be concerning for some consumers. They do advertise a ‘hassle-free’ return policy, but returned items must be unused and returned within 28 days. They do not cover shipping costs for returning the product, and state toiletries are not included in this return policy. This can cause doubt about the quality of the cream. Even though the manufacturer does not offer a guarantee, the product site does contain multiple positive reviews about the product’s effectiveness. Previous customers state that it aided in preventing stretch marks, and had a pleasant smell and texture. The overwhelmingly positive feedback makes this seem a safe purchasing choice.


Mothercare It’s My Body Stretch Mark Cream contains several moisturizing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. It is less expensive than many other stretch mark creams, and has many positive reviews, which can help inspire confidence that this is a cost-effective option for treating stretch marks. The manufacturer does not list the percentages for the active ingredients, so it can not be known whether the concentration of ingredients is comparable to other creams. It also contains some ingredients that may be potentially irritating, even though it is listed as hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin. The product also does not come with any sort of guarantee, which can be a problem for many consumers who want to be certain they are selecting a quality product.

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