This is a review of Pure Cocoa Butter manufactured by NOW Solutions. This company offers many vegan friendly, all natural products. They are a family owned business geared towards proving quality all natural products for their consumers. They make no claims as to what their product can do; they rely only what their natural ingredients naturally do. People have relied on this natural, vegan friendly product for centuries for its natural ability to deeply moisturize skin and improve the skins natural elasticity to prevent stretch marks. Continue reading to find out if this is the product you need for fighting your stretch marks.


  • food grade 100% pure cocoa butter – vegan friendly, and used as a moisturizer and emollient


In its natural state cocoa butter is a solid. Prior to use you must warm the amount you would like to use. You can achieve this one of three ways. You can scoop out desired amount of product and rub briskly in between hands until the preferred consistency has been obtained. Another choice is to place desired amount in a saucepan on your stove for 30 minutes, or you could also choose to put in a microwave safe container and microwave for a few seconds. After it has been warmed or melted, test the temperature to make sure it is not too hot, and massage into desired areas of the skin. You can use and apply the product as often as you would like, but at least once a day is suggested.

Possible Side Effects

There are no listed side effects on the NOW solutions website, and cocoa butter is known for being gentle on even the most sensitive of skin-types


The retail price of this product is $8.99 for a 7oz tub.   If ordered from the NOW product website you will also have to pay shipping and handling fees. Now products are also readily available at most natural food and herbal supplement stores. When you take into consideration, after it is warmed, a little bit of the product will go a long way, this is a very reasonable price for continual use.


The NOW product website does not mention a money-back guarantee though they do supply contact information for their customer service department. However if you choose to buy your product from a local retailer, a return or refund would depend on the individual store policy. The now product website does not share any customer reviews, which we found unusual.


In general, Pure Cocoa Butter by the NOW Solutions Company is an acceptable product. The company is providing a 100% all-natural, vegan friendly product, which not a lot of manufactures do. The butter is meant to be used as a preventative treatment to guard against stretch marks during pregnancy, so if you have already existing stretch marks this may not be the ideal product for you. Along with its low cost and lack of customer reviews, consumers may question its effectiveness.

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