This is a review of Phytolastil Ampoules Stretch Mark Correction Serum manufactured by the Lierac Company. The company promises their serum will produce a noticeable difference in the appearance of your existing stretch marks within 40 days. Continue reading to find out if this is the product that is right for you and your skincare needs.


  • 84% alchemilla-ivy-horsetail –which is a resurfacing mixture exclusive to the Lierac Company. It is a lavish blend containing flavonoids and tannoids, which assist the skin in starting over the biosynthesis process of producing collagen and elastin filaments.


This product is provided in vials, you use one vial per application. You must first snap the top off the vial with the included tool, and then pour it into the provided diffuser spray bottle. You then spray the product onto desired areas for treatment and massage into the skin until fully absorbed. The Lierac Company recommends you apply one vial twice a day for a full eight weeks. They note after that time you may continue to apply the product once a day as long as you would like to continue results.

Possible Side Effects

The company’s website does not list any hostile side effects with use of its product. However, they only list their ingredients as 84% of a certain ingredient, without knowing what the other 16% of the product contains, it is hard to gage whether or not you are individually allergic to any of its ingredients.


Strangely, the company does not list the price of this product anywhere on its website, but includes a side note that its distributors are free to set their own retail price for the product. The site says it is readily available at many drugstore chains across the U.S… We also found it listed by several dealers on from prices ranging from approximately $75 to $99 for a box containing twenty vials, a vial cracker and diffuser spray bottle, which would be about a 10 day supply. This is a product that could get expensive, really fast.


The Company does not have a satisfaction Guarantee policy, nor a listed return policy. Therefore, if you were dissatisfied with the results of the product, you would be left at the mercy of the return policy of the individual store where you made your purchase, which and most cases leaves you high and dry with no refund. There are also no customer reviews available on the products website, which always leaves us with questionable feelings about the products validity.


Overall Phytolastil Ampoules Stretch Mark Correction Serum manufactured by the Lierac Company uses its website to make its product seem to be both an effective and alluring choice. However, its absence of a suggested retail price and nonexistent customer reviews may leave you feeling sketchy about ordering this product. When you combine these factors with its difficult application process and it high priced small supply you receive with each purchase, this product may cause you to run in the opposite direction towards a different choice.

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