This is a review of the product  Silicone Scar Sheets manufactured by the ScarAway Company. This is an altogether different alternative for stretch mark and scar reduction. The company offers a medical industry used silicone patch to address your unwanted marks. It claims it softens the skin while actually raising skin tissue to the level of surrounding skin, and suggests you will see these results with twelve weeks of use. Keep reading to see if this innovative product is the right choice for you.


NOTE- Upon researching the company’s website it is unclear if there are any other active or inactive ingredients included in the patches, as there was not an accessible ingredients list.


Though specific instructions were unclear, it was generally understood you are to apply one self-adhesive patch to the affected area once a week. The patches are small and would not cover a large treatment area. Which leads us to assume this product is aimed at treating scars more so than stretch marks.

Possible Side Effects

The website lists no adverse side effects to its product. However if you have a silicone allergy, this would most likely not be the product for you.


Suggested retail price listed by the company is approximately $19.00 for a box of eight sheets, which is a two-month supply. Depending on the size of the affected area, you are applying the patch or patches to, it is unclear if the box would last you a full two months. It is not directly available for purchase on the company’s website, though it is available on most beauty supply shopping websites and readily available at most retail drugstores across the country.


The ScarAway Company website does not advertise any type of satisfaction guarantee for their products. Therefore, any attempt at a refund would depend solely on the policy of the store or website where you choose to make your purchase. For such a groundbreaking product, they surprisingly provide zero customer reviews, which we feel, would be to their advantage to entice shoppers to buy their product. This always leaves us questioning the validity of the products effectiveness.


Overall Silicone Scar Sheets from the ScarAway Company seems to be an assumable effective product. However, it seems to be aimed more at treating scars than stretch marks. Though it is assumed you could use it for that purpose, you would just have to use a large number of sheets to cover you affected area. This in turn would cause you to go through many sheets, becoming very costly. The ScarAway Silicone sheet product could at first, seem to be a great alternative to traditional treatments. However, the small size of the sheets, its lack of a company backed guarantee, and the fact that it is aimed to treat small scars, not large areas of stretch marks could lead you to make another choice for your skins individual needs.

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