This is a review of Mamma Bear Stretch Cream manufactured by Serenity Labs. This company assures their product diminishes the appearance of stretch marks while improving the natural elasticity of the skin. Keep reading to figure out if this is a product that will fit your needs.


Although the Serenity Labs website repeatedly claims the use of top quality ingredients., they do not provide a posted list of any of their products ingredients anywhere on their site. Upon doing a little research, we could not find a list of ingredients for the product, nor could we find it for sale anywhere besides Amazon. We find this to be very disturbing and it makes us seriously doubt the effectiveness and validity of this product.


The only instructions the Serenity Labs website provides for use of its product is that it is for topical use only, and not for use on open wounds. This lack of information is something we also find disturbing about the company and its product.

Possible Side Effects

Neither the Serenity Labs website, nor Amazon lists any adverse side effects with use of this product. However, we are extremely hesitant to recommend use of any product that does not directly divulge its ingredients to customers. We would recommend trying a small test patch of skin before all over application to test your body for possible allergic reaction.


Though the product is not actually sold on its website, they provide a link in order to purchase it through the website for $34.97 plus shipping and handling fees for a 4oz tube. This is considerably large to comparable products. The site does not advertise its product to be available for purchase through any other retail store.


The Serenity Labs Company does have a goal of customer satisfaction, and offers shoppers a 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, though it does not give you any directions on how to go about requesting one. There are surprisingly also no customer provided reviews on the product, which always leaves us a little hesitant of the products effectiveness.


At first glance, Mamma Bear Stretch Cream manufactured by Serenity Labs promotes itself to be a useful product in a large quantity to assist you with your skincare needs. Nevertheless, if you are looking for more in-depth information aside from the face value presentation they provide on a single webpage, this may not be the choice for you. In our research, we did find a more trustworthy looking company with a very similar name, selling similar products. This leads us to wonder if Mamma Bear products or Serenity Labs is a completely valid company to begin with. Its lack of an ingredients list seem borderline unethical, and its overall retail unavailability and absence of customer reviews leaves us with an uneasy feeling about this company and its products. We would recommend doing your own research and deciding for yourself before purchasing items from this company.

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