This is a review of Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum manufactured by the Shoosha Truly Organic Company. The company claims the use of FDA certified organic ingredients that operate within a cellular stage to curtail skin damage, diminish scars, and reduce the look of stretch marks. Continue reading to discover if this is the right product for you and your skincare needs.


  • Olive Fruit Oil – full of oleic acids, it is used as a skin conditioner and moisturizer
  • Rosehip Fruit Oil – vitamin C astringent, used to regenerate skin cell growth
  • Sunflower Seed Oil – full of oleic acids it has high amounts of vitamins A, D and E for moisturizing skin
  • Borage Seed Oil – reduces chronic inflammation
  • Tamanu Oil – helps cells regenerate and accelerates wound healing
  • Sweet Orange Peel Oil – astringent and masking fragrance
  • Neroli Flower Oil – increases skin elasticity and promotes cell regeneration
  • Red Mandarin Peel Oil – full of vitamin C used as a wrinkle reducer and anti-inflammatory
  • Lavendula Angustifolia Oil – anti- inflammatory fragrance, useful in stretch mark prevention
  • Rosemary Leaf Extract – anti-oxidant skin irritant soother
  • Tocopherol – antioxidant skin moisturizer containing vitamin E


The company website instructs you to begin use in the beginning of your second trimester and apply to affected areas. They do not specify how much of the product to use, or how often to apply it. We suspect this could lead you to either use more of the product than actually needed, or not use enough to be effective.

Possible Side Effects

The company does not list any adverse side effects when using their product. However, You should take into consideration your own personal allergies to any ingredients, and seek advice from your physician should any allergic reaction occur.


Retail price on the products website is $29.99 for 2oz bottle, which is extremely high for such a small amount. They do offer a 5% discount if you sign up for their auto delivery option, where they will send you new product every 30, 45 or 60 days. They also offer product bundling options to lower your cost when you order combination packages of their products.


The Shoosha Truly Organic Company does offer a full refund to dissatisfied customers. All you need to do is mail your return to the address provided on their website, with a letter explaining your reason for dissatisfaction within 30 days of receipt of your order. Not actually talking to a customer service representative to verify your return, may make some a little leery of the companies return system. The site included one customer review, which seemed more like a paid endorsement than a regular customer review.


Overall Rejuvenate Stretch Mark Serum seems like a viable option for treating your stretch mark problems with its certified organic ingredients. In spite of this, its questionable customer review, lack of proper instructions and unorthodox return procedure, this may not suit the needs of all consumers.

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