This is a review of The Organic Pharmacy’s Stretch Mark Oil. This oil is intended to nourish skin and help combat stretch marks during pregnancy. It contains a variety of natural ingredients meant to keep skin soft and elastic through all trimesters. Continue reading to decide whether this stretch mark oil is right for you.


Sunflower oil (helianthus annus)

Jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis)

Marigol (calendula officinalis) extract

Rose hip (rosa canina) oil

Neroli (citrus aurantum)

Lavender (lavandula officinalis)

Vitamin E (tocopherol)




The main plant oils included in this product have all been demonstrated to have healing and nourishing effects on the skin. In addition to moisture, many of these ingredients promote collagen growth, allowing the skin to remain elastic during pregnancy so as to prevent marks.


It is recommended that this product be applied to moist skin to help maintain the skin’s moisture barrier. The manufacturer does not specify the amount of product that should be used, or how frequently it should be applied.

Possible Side Effects

No side effects are listed for this product, and its small list of natural ingredients should create confidence that risk of irritation is small. This product should be safe for sensitive skin.


The Organic Pharmacy Stretch Mark oil costs $55.00 for 100 ml. This is far more expensive than many other stretch mark treatments on the market. However, oils do tend to be more potent than creams, meaning that once purchased this product should last for quite some time.


The Organic Pharmacy Stretch Mark Oil does not come with a product guarantee, which may raise concerns about the effectiveness of the stretch mark treatment. A clear return policy is not outlined by the manufacturer, meaning that there is little hope of returning the product for a refund if it does not treat stretch marks as advertised.

There are a few reviews of the product on the manufacturer website. All state that the product was very effective, and that with use no stretch marks formed during pregnancy. Reviews from other sites are more mixed. Some customers stated the product was very moisturizing and completely prevented stretch marks. Others indicated that even when used as directed, they still had stretch marks form in several locations. The mixed reviews do throw some doubt on the quality of the product.


The Organic Pharmacy Stretch Mark Oil does contain a small list of powerful ingredients that have been demonstrated to increase skin elasticity and help prevent stretch marks. It has many positive reviews from satisfied customers stating that it works exactly as intended. Other reviewers were less satisfied, claiming they were still left with stretch marks after using this product. It also substantially more expensive than many other products on the market, and does not come with any sort of guarantee to reclaim your money if it doesn’t work as advertised. The high price and mixed reviews is cause for concern if you are looking to have confidence in your purchase.

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