This is a review of the Reviva Labs Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion. This lotion was designed to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy and repair skin after birth. it contains concentrated ingredients demonstrated to keep skin smooth and supple, and may also help to fade stretch marks that have already formed. Keep reading to learn whether this stretch mark product is right for you.




These two main ingredients help to stimulate collagen production and increase the skin’s ability to stretch and contract without causing stretch marks. They also serve to improve skin tone, and help firm the skin’s surface.

Purified water

Vegetable oil


Stearic acid

Soluble collagen

Hydrolyzed elastin

Glyceryl stearate

Soy protein

Cetyl alcohol

Cetyl esters

Octyl methoxycinnomate

Essential oil of orange

Essential oil of white flower

Potassium sorbate

Sodium benzoate

Citric acid

Many of the listed ingredients have been proven to moisturize and help increase skin’s suppleness. Soy protein does have some antioxidant properties as well, which have been proven beneficial to skin tone and texture. It also works to prevent signs of aging.


The manufacturer recommends applying the Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion at least once per day to damp skin. It is best to start treatment at the beginning of the pregnancy, and continue use for up to two months post-pregnancy.

Possible Side Effects

No possible side effects have been listed by the manufacturer, and most of the ingredients in the product are considered none irritating. However, it should be noted that cetyl alcohol, while important for product sterility, has been known to cause irritation for some people.


The Reviva Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion costs $12.00 for 8 ounces, making it incredibly affordable compared to many products on the market.


Reviva Labs does not offer any sort of product guarantee, which may raise concerns about the effectiveness of their stretch mark treatment. Information on returns was also unavailable on the manufacturer site, meaning there is some risk to purchasing the product.

The product site does not include any reviews of the lotion, but there is substantial positive feedback from customers on third-party sites. The majority of customer stated that the product was moisturizing, smelled nice, and had a pleasant texture. While most reviews did not comment on whether the lotion truly prevented stretchmarks, there were a few who noted it seemed to help prevent any lasting damage to the skin.


The Reviva Labs Stretch Mark Prevention Lotion contains elastin and soy, which have both been demonstrated to improve the appearance of skin while increasing its suppleness and preventing stretch marks. The product is also extremely affordable and comes highly recommended by a large number of customers. Still, no product guarantee is offered by the manufacturer, which can lead to some concern about the quality of the ingredients and the accuracy of the manufacturer’s claims. There is also no clear return policy listed, meaning there is some risk in purchasing this lotion.

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