How to Conceal Stretch Marks On Dark Skin

Stretch marks are a wide spread problem which affects both Caucasian and African American population equally. Stretchmarks are unavoidable during pregnancy. In the case of African Americans, when their skin is over stretched they develop purple or dark brown colored striations, which are prominent on their dark skin. A lot of articles talk about methods such as concealer and makeup for hiding stretch marks which are designed for Caucasians. When trying to hide the stretch marks, it is important to find the perfect shade and brand for the skin. So here are some ways for African Americans to cover up their stretch marks.

Step 1

How to Conceal Your Stretch Marks - African Americans EditionFind a department store that is offering makeup samples for free. Now try these shades to find which color suits you the most. Keep it in mind that the skin of your belly may have a skin tone darker or lighter compared to the skin of your face. Describe to the assistant at the cosmetic counter that you would like to look for a concealer which is a bit lighter than the color of your stomach, if you are ashamed to ask. They would only need to match the skin above your hip bone to find the shade required.

Step 2

Use your middle finger when applying makeup. Your hand is heavier when you are using an index finger and you tend to apply concealer in thicker layer.

But it is better to apply several, lighter layers rather than a single thick one. Your goal is to apply the concealer in such a way that it give your skin a slicker look. Stretchmarks are dark in color compared to the surrounding skin so using a lighter shade of concealer is a wise choice.

Step 3

Take a clean sponge and pour a little bit of dark foundation onto it. Now using this sponge, pat the foundation over the concealed area and two inches of area adjacent to it for a more real look. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone more closely, compared to your concealer, so that it blends well with the skin.

How to Conceal Your Stretch Marks - African Americans EditionStep 4

Apply some loose powder over your make up to let it set and imitate your skin’s true texture. Sephora, Cover Girl and M.A.C. have specially made makeup lines for African Americans. Therefore you can easily find a translucent or loose powder in a darker shade to match it to your skin tone.

Step 5

If you are looking for a more permanent and reliable cure, you can try reconstructive tattooing or permanent makeup. Ointments and creams will never do away with the stretch marks completely since the connective tissue of skin has been damaged. So you can try permanent makeup to cover up your stretch marks in your precise skin tone. Consult an aesthetician to find out more about permanent makeup.


When you are wearing makeup on your stretchmarks, refrain from bathing. Also avoid rubbing and excessive sweating. Always carry your makeup in a small bag with you to be ready for speedy touch ups whenever needed.